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Registration Available from August 2021

Welcome Message

Dear friends and colleagues,

The Covid-19 pandemic that is currently ongoing has certainly made many changes in every aspect of our lives. However, this is not an obstacle for us to continue learning and keep updating the knowledge that is constantly developing every day The Jogja Cardiology Update (JCU) is the annual scientific highlight of PERKI Jogja. For 2nd consecutive years our annual congress is delivered virtually, which enables us to reach out beyond our territory and create a truly memorable programme. JCU 2021’s programme has been carefully designed to provide education and training in a dynamic and engaging format with dedicated tracks providing practical guidance on how to perform procedures, implement guidelines and deliver high quality clinical care as well as expose its audience to latest scientific advances.This is a not to be missed event to so please keep save the dates, register and take advantage of the opportunities to participate as much as you can and when you can – online does bring a unique opportunity for more flexibility.

As the chairman of the committee, I cordially invite you to attend!



Jogja cardiology Update (JCU) is one of the national annual cardiovascular events in Yogyakarta that has come a long way since it was first held in 2005. Moving on from this experience, we will try to make the Jogja Cardiology Update better from year to year. This year, not only material from cardiologists in Indonesia, but also we present international speakers who will also share knowledge and experiences in this seminar.

JCU calls on not only cardiovascular specialists, but also medical practitioners, students, and even other health-related backgrounds, who reach out to thousands of participants each year. This annual scientific event is expected to provide benefits for doctors in providing the best service to our patients. And besides that it can motivate us in the advancement of science, especially in the cardiovascular field.